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The Schur Flexibles Group at Interpack 2017

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The Schur Flexibles Group at Interpack 2017

Whether Shrink, Skin or Reclose – always ready with a perfect film solution

Baden, 3.3.2017 – The Schur Flexibles Group, which has its head office in Baden/Austria, will be represented with an extensive product portfolio at Interpack 2017 in Düsseldorf from 4 to 10 May. The group of companies is presenting profitable packaging solutions at the leading international trade fair for the packaging industry. The focus of the trade show presentation of the Schur Flexibles Group in Hall 10, Stand D96 is on shrink film that promotes maturing and flavour development, very resilient skin films with excellent printability characteristics and an innovative reclosing concept.

Shrink – full range of shrinkable materials
Whether it’s a bag or film – the portfolio of shrinkable materials from the Schur Flexibles Group serves the entire palette of modern applications.
The range encompasses both shrink films and bags distinguished by the best mechanical properties and that can be effortlessly processed. They are particularly heat-resistant and extend the shelf life of the packaged goods thanks to their outstanding properties. The innovative shrink films from Schur Flexibles will impress with their outstanding barrier properties – whether VACUshrink films with EVOH-barrier or Dixie 3D-films with PVDC-barrier – there’s the right variant for every application. The films encourage the maturing and aroma development of cheese and meat and contribute to good flavour formation. The Shrink range is perfectly suited to producing bulk consumer or transport packaging for the most varied fresh foods, among others.

Skin films for all applications – very resilient, highly transparent, excellent printability
The innovative SkinFreshTop film range from Schur Flexibles is aimed at a broad spectrum of applications and sets benchmarks with its properties. The films with a thickness of 80 µm to 200 µm distinguish themselves with excellent machineability on thermoformers and tray sealers common on the market and can resist high mechanical loads. They also reliably pack demanding products with sharp shapes, such as meat with bones and sharp-edged mussels. Thanks to state-of-the-art barrier technologies food in skin packaging reaches a significantly extended shelf life. The SkinFreshTop films from Schur Flexibles provide superior sealing characteristics to all PE film layers, mono PP and mono APET films or trays. The highly transparent and glossy films give the packaged goods a high quality premium look. Skin packaging with films from Schur Flexibles can be optimally presented upright or hanging. Thanks to their excellent printability in rotogravure with up to 8 colours they support eye-catching branding at the PoS.

FlexiClose – top reclosing for films and tray packaging
In FlexiClose Schur Flexibles presents an innovative reclosing solution for thermoformers, trayseal and Flowpack applications at Interpack 2017. The range of highly transparent films are suitable for many applications and equipped with a medium barrier or high barrier, plus anti-fog properties on request.
FlexiClose films provide an outstanding seal on PE or mono APET packaging. Which is why the seal and functional layers extruded by Schur Flexibles in-house can be individually tailored to customer requirements. The FlexiClose programme includes films with different tear forces and reclosing cycles. Packaging using this material can be securely closed up to ten times.
The Schur Flexibles FlexiClose reclosing film concepts are optimally tailored to the needs of the food industry and are highly suited to packaging cheese or processed meats and also dry food, cereals, snacks and convenience products – ideal for products that are not completely consumed after the packaging is first opened.

The Schur Flexibles Group at Interpack 2017 in Hall 10, Stand D96 in Düsseldorf from 4 to 10 May 2017.

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About the Schur Flexibles Group
The Schur Flexibles Group with its headquarter in Baden near Vienna and around 1,350 employees has specialized in innovative, high quality and made-to-measure high-barrier packaging solutions for the food, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries. With its integrated chain of added value, from extrusion via print and laminating to extensive bag-making, the Group, which was founded in 2012, recorded an overall turnover of 400 million euros. Schur Flexibles encompasses 13 companies with 13 production plants in Germany, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Greece and Russia, all of them highly specialized and each of them enjoying technology-leadership status in its own field. This centre-of-excellence concept makes the Group an attractive and expert partner for client companies in selected branches.

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